April 29, 2011

Stealing things

Today is my dad's birthday, but instead of giving him present, I'm stealing these pictures from him hehehehehehehehehe. I found most of them in my dad's picasa web album, and others were sent via e-mail to me.

The best part of a small city, no skyscrapers blocking your view 
admiring the blue sky
taken from inside a moving tram
and inside the tram itself, a man

no, the lake won't freeze
reaching for the snow *sigh*
oh hi sakura

additional information: The last 3 pictures were taken recently, and others were taken in 2009.

Whether you read it or not: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DAD!!!!"
My greeting and wishes from Jogja. An apology is also included for stealing these.
You have to cook a lot of delicious meals for me, as soon as possible.

P.S. YAAAAAHHH! Finally the national examination has passed! Such a relieve, no more studying in the middle of the night, no more boredom at classes, no more try outs, no more exhausting courses, because I've had enough of it in my Junior High School years (victorious pose). But but but, with 2 months of no exact schedule, what should I dooooo???