March 13, 2012

Padmanaba Dedication for ART 2012

"What ART you doing?"

DedicART 2012 was a big success! After everything we've gone through, I'm so glad that it's ended as a success. But I'm more glad to see the enthusiastic face of the participants audiences. I'm more more glad to see the releaved expression everyone wore at the end. And I'm most glad to know that our struggle was worth it.
Have to admit that nothing was going smoothly at first; that we're lacking a lot; that we still need to learn much; that I regret a lot too; that I'm lacking the most. But like my drained energy that's finally regained, I believe that we'll be better, these failure are for us to learn from.
Now that one goal has been achieved, let's move on to the next one. May it be more succesful B)

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