May 25, 2012

Mt. Lawu, 12-13 May 2012

Read the story here: Pendakian Massal PHC, Kalawarta Padmanaba
Due to the tight schedule (it's Day minus 1 Psikopad!#7 Explosion *smooch*) I can't possibly rewrite it here, really sorry guys. So, I present you some pictures which pretty much describe our hiking time! Please enjoy :B

Prambanan Express, Lempuyangan, Yogyakarta - Balapan, Solo
Cemoro Sewu, right before we started \m/
At night, 1st shelter, got some minutes for break

Freezing in the morning, 3rd shelter, built a camp here to rest

Through this kind of heavenly path we went

Sendang Drajat, thanks to Mbok Yem, my stomach was full enough
A few hundred meters from Hargo Dumilah
Hargo Dumilah! Indonesian flag on the top~ 

12.00 a.m. 3.265 m. The view, mesmerizing

Awesome team was awesome! WE MADE IT TO THE PEAK!
I got more than happiness, as cliche as it sounds, it was unforgettable!
Bad quality pictures will be updated soon. 
pictures: Fajar Ramadhani, Ario Setya P., M. Averus Zaman

Transport: Prambanan Express(Jogja-Solo) Rp 10.000
                charter minibus capacity:14ppl Rp280.000 Balapan-Cemoro Sewu
                                       Rp 600.000 Cemoro Sewu-Jogja
Food&drink: less than 10K per meal (@Cemoro Sewu and Sendang Drajat)
Toilet: Rp 1.000

May 19, 2012

Along the Coastline

7-8 April 2012, Sepanjang Beach - Baron Beach, Gunung Kidul, DIY

Campfire full of delicious food and loud laughter in the night, time to walk in the morning. After morning prayer, all the equipment was packed and loaded into the bus so we only had to bring as little as possible. 10 people, not knowing what the future would bring, walked towards destiny. The first 10 minutes was fine, smiling happily a s bright as the sunshine, until…… our way was blocked by a steep coral cliff. The options we got were to walk through the road or through the cliff, half climbing half walking. We determinedly chose the second option.

I was taken aback knowing that our path was a very difficult one. I mean, we could hardly get moving, the wave trying to take us down, the cliff hurting our hands and bodies, almost stuck in the middle of the coral cliff, waiting till the sea level fell down. But then, it was a miracle that a part of the reef was possible to be climbed. One by one, we climbed up, though half of us almost fall down, we finally made it. The land full of pandan was welcoming us.

When we found road once again, I realized that it was only 3 minutes walk from Sepanjang Beach and we haad risked our life instead of walking easily. Giving up on the hard way, we walked until the road came to a dead end. We continue our way through forests, hills, fields, sandy beaches and villages. In 5 hours, we were offered souvenirs from Baron Beach. As usual, that place was full of people.

Sweating and breathing hard, I got an enormous experience in our way from Sepanjang to Baron Beach. Life is only once they said. Will never forget everything that happened that day. All thanks to these guys. Can’t wait for the next adventure! J

pictures: M. Averus Zaman

transport: Rp 500.000 colt Jogja-Sepanjang-Jogja capacity:15ppl (@Giwangan Bus Station)
food&drink: less than 10K per meal @Baron Beach
camping: Rp 25.000 a night @Sepanjang Beach (toilet and freshwater)

May 9, 2012

A starter

Nglanggeran, 11 August 2011, the day after Ied Mubaroq

The very first experience, trekking all the way up to the peak of the ancient volcano. It was all thanks to my dear brother who asked me to go with him (the real timekiller). As a newbie I was definitely not going to miss the chance right? So, early in the morning I had prepared everything necessary and was ready to go!

An hour motorcycle ride through a long and winding road from my home in Jogja, we got to the starting point on Dusun Patuk. The weather was fine though it was a little bit cold there. There's a camping area and also a rock climbing area for those who interested in rock climbing. After paying the entrance fee for trekking (less than 10K for both of us if I'm not mistaken) we finally started our way up. The ranger told us that it took around 45 minutes to reach the peak. But as a newbie I took another 20 minutes for breaks along the way.

From the peak

It was a tiring trek, I had to admit, sometimes my brother even had to push me from behind to keep me walking -_- (my bad). We saw monkeys and a squirrel(maybe), climbed wooden ladders, got some scratches, slipped on our way down and almost fell too many times. But every efforts were paid back, totally loving the trek and the view of the highlands.
out of breath

I was told that it was even more beautiful during sunrise/sunset. Well, gotta try it myself one day.